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Surprise Coffin Box Coffinbox Colors For Women

Surprise Coffin Box Coffinbox Colors For Women

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Surprise Coffin Box Coffinbox Colors For Women

We have great news for you! The Colors surprise coffin boxes are finally here! ⚰️

Full of great items from textiles to accessories, band merch, contact lenses, cosmetics, hair products and stickers!

Each coffin contains so many items that together they correspond to a goods value of around €100*.

Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself!

Let yourself be surprised by what our team puts together for you!

The coffin boxes are also available for men: Surprise coffin box Coffinbox Colors For Men


Please don't forget to include your clothing size(s) XS to L in the comments if your box contains clothes so that we can tailor the surprises to you as best as possible!

The surprise coffin box is a limited promotional item and therefore cannot be exchanged!

*As each box has different contents, the value of the goods may vary slightly.

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