Collection: Jewelry


Gothic and punk jewelry is known for its rebellious and dark character. It serves to express the individual style and subculture of these movements. Gothic jewelry is often characterized by romantic and morbid elements, while punk jewelry is more characterized by an aggressive and provocative aesthetic. However, both styles have in common that they go against the mainstream and are characterized by their uniqueness and difference.

Gothic area

In the Gothic area you can often find jewelry with symbols such as crosses, pentagrams, bats and spider webs. These elements reflect the dark and mystical atmosphere of Gothic culture. Typical materials are silver, stainless steel and black gemstones such as onyx or obsidian. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings are popular accessories in the Gothic jewelry world.

Punk area

In the punk sector, however, rivets, spikes and angular designs dominate. Punk jewelry is often provocative and has a rebellious attitude. Popular jewelry pieces include studded leather bracelets, choker necklaces, safety pin earrings, and statement piercings. Metal, leather and plastic are often used to create the rough and distinctive punk look. Both styles offer the opportunity to express yourself creatively and make a strong visual impression. They allow the wearer to emphasize their individuality and represent a subculture to which they feel they belong. Gothic and punk jewelry can be a form of expression of identity, attitude and rebellion. In addition, gothic and punk jewelry has also gained a place outside of subcultures. The dark and edgy aesthetic has influenced mainstream fashion and is embraced by many people as an expression of their personal style. Designers and jewelry brands take inspiration from these subcultures and offer a wide range of jewelry pieces that incorporate the elements of gothic and punk styles.