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Skull lunch box St. Pauli

Skull lunch box St. Pauli

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Skull lunch box St. Pauli

General information about skull lunch box St. Pauli

Item number: SP112002

Material: cellulose fibers and thermoplastic

Dimensions: 168 x 122 x 66 mm

FCSP Sustainable Product: Sustainable material


FC St. Pauli is football, is attitude, is attitude to life. That's why we print our skull and our messages on sweaters, jerseys, scarves, lunch boxes or key chains. And we know the responsibility that this entails. We bring the products into the world, so we also have to ensure that neither the environment nor people suffer and that everyone receives a fair share of the proceeds - from the cotton farmers to the seamstresses and dyers our employees in the warehouse and in the shops. And although sustainability is firmly anchored in our principles, there are still many ways to implement sustainability more consistently in merch. And we go. We examine each product step by step, check whether it should remain in the range and, if so, what options there are to become even more sustainable. If we can do something better, for the people involved, for the environment, for the club, then we will do it.

Not everything will be perfect right away, but it will always be better than before. (Source: fcsp-shop)

General information about St. Pauli

There are clubs that say we can do everything. But we are Sankt Pauli. And we do what we enjoy and want to offer you what defines us and the FC St. Pauli club. We are dark - we are skulls - we are fashion and last but not least: we are the street... and Hamburg is brown and white, we say and mean it. And so the special colors of a special club will always remain something special for us. We are St. Pauli. (Source: fcsp shop)

Interesting facts about Colors

Colors Hamburg has existed since 1995 and is known far beyond Hamburg's borders.

We had 4 branches in Hamburg and Lübeck and have now focused on one branch and the online shop.

A strong, friendly and crazy team of currently 6 people packs the ordered goods every day and is on site in the branch from Monday to Saturday for all subcultures such as Gothic, Punk, Metal, Rockabilly, Steampunk, Emo as well as for all Manga / Animexx fans.

Whether pierced, tattooed, colorful hair or from the LGBTQ scene, everyone is welcome here.

Music connects us all and that's why our speakers run hot during opening hours and make working and shopping much more fun for you and us.

NO.. we don't have any radio or off-the-shelf commercial pop playing?

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