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Professional vampire teeth in the Eulenspiegel set

Professional vampire teeth in the Eulenspiegel set

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Eulenspiegel professional vampire teeth in a set

The "Eulenspiegel professional vampire teeth in a set" are held on your own teeth with the help of the included impression material and negative pressure and can be used again and again if they are well cared for and stored!

Scope of delivery: 1 pair of vampire canines, impression material for mixing in dental quality & instructions

Recommended from: 14+ years

Polycaprolactone dental adhesive

Instructions for use:

Take a small amount of the plastic beads and place them on a spoon. Hold the spoon in very hot water for about 1 minute until you get a kneadable mass. Fill each vampire tooth to the bottom edge with the mixture and place the tooth on top of your own canine without wobbling the tooth.

After a few seconds of cooling, the mass is firm and hard. The material can be reused.


1. The vampire fangs are only suitable for temporary use, such as cosplay, costumes and Halloween.

2. Do not use this product if you wear fixed braces, wire retainers, crowns, dental bonding, veneers or veneers, dentures or other dental work on the teeth where the vampire teeth are to be attached! It is also not recommended to use it on very sensitive gums or immediately after dental cleaning or other procedures on the gums as long as they have not yet completely healed. If in doubt, please consult a dentist before use!

3. The product contains no toxic or harmful ingredients and is safe for teeth.

4. Vampire fangs are not toys, please keep them permanently out of the reach of children and pets - risk of choking!

5. The unhardened impression material is flammable! Please do not smoke while making the teeth and do not store the product near open fire.

6. For hygienic reasons, this product cannot be exchanged!

7. Melted glue can cause burns

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