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Sacred Cat Earrings Alchemy

Sacred Cat Earrings Alchemy

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Sacred Cat Earrings Alchemy

General information about Sacred Cat Earrings Alchemy

For all cat lovers Sacred Cat earrings from Alchemy.

An image of the Egyptian black cat warrior and protector.

A pair of antique pewter cat head stud earrings with small red Swarovski Elips crystals on the heads.

With surgical steel ear supports and plastic rollers.

Weight and Dimensions (Approx.): H: 13mm (0.51") W: 16mm (0.63") D: 16mm (0.63") Weight: 8g
(Please note that the dimensions of the necklace are excluding the fastenings.)

Material & Origin:
Designed and handcrafted in England using *Swarovski elements and fine English pewter with surgical steel ear supports and soft, comfortable plastic ear backs. (Lead, Cadmium and Nickel compliant)
* Crystal colors are subject to availability and may vary from image shown.

General information about Alchemy

Alchemy was founded in 1977 and is still under original ownership today. The art, design, manufacturing and distribution company based in England has now developed into an international brand.

After more than four decades, Alchemy is now a highly experienced, completely independent organization. In the UK, it does virtually everything in-house, from ideas and concepts to artwork and product design, through all product development, commercial production and finally product distribution.

Alchemy is best known for its fine English pewter creations, but also incorporates many alternative materials and finishes into its truly unique designs of exceptional quality.

Interesting facts about Colors

Colors Hamburg has existed since 1995 and is known far beyond Hamburg's borders.

We had 4 branches in Hamburg and Lübeck and have now focused on one branch and the online shop.

A strong, friendly and crazy team of currently 6 people packs the ordered goods every day and is on site in the branch from Monday to Saturday for all subcultures such as Gothic, Punk, Metal, Rockabilly, Steampunk, Emo as well as for all Manga / Animexx fans.

Whether pierced, tattooed, colorful hair or from the LGBTQ scene, everyone is welcome here.

Music connects us all and that's why our speakers run hot during opening hours and make working and shopping much more fun for you and us.

NO.. we don't have any radio or off-the-shelf commercial pop playing?

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