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Brandit Lord Canterbury Hooded Black

Brandit Lord Canterbury Hooded Black

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Brandit Lord Canterbury Hooded Black

General information about Brandit Lord Canterbury Hooded Black

Black cult Harrington jacket with hood with classic red checked lining.

Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

General information about Brandite

Brandit is an army and alternative brand. It comes from Germany and has been a loyal companion for years and a MUST HAVE in our Hamburg Colors Store and in our online shop.

Various subcultures have been celebrating this brand for a very long time and are constantly looking forward to new collections, which you can of course find in our range.

Brandit Textil GmbH is a fresh, young fashion label from Germany . Since its founding, the brand has made great progress and successfully sells its products in local specialist retailers and in e-commerce, not only in Germany but also far beyond the borders of Europe.

It's been over 20 years since the two company founders and friends Lars Engels and Marco Freudling
set off together as backpackers to many countries around the world. They learned on their tours
not only value themselves, but also the benefits of military clothing and equipment.
These experiences and enthusiasm for functionality were the initial spark - they founded Brandit.

So they developed products that, in addition to functionality, were also fashionable
and after that a fan community for individual clothing emerged.

You can find more Brandit articles here

Interesting facts about Colors

Colors Hamburg has existed since 1995 and is known far beyond Hamburg's borders.

We have had 4 branches in Hamburg and Lübeck for the last few decades and have now focused on a branch in Hamburg Wandsbek and the online shop.

A strong, friendly and crazy team of currently 6 packs the ordered goods every day and is available for all subcultures such as Gothic, Punk, Metal, Rockabilly, Steampunk, Emo as well as for all Manga / Animexx fans from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m the local branch!!.

Whether pierced, tattooed, colorful hair or from the LGBTQ scene, everyone is welcome here.

Music connects us all and that's why we have our speakers running hot during opening hours, making shopping and working much more pleasant for you.

NO.. we don't have any radio or off-the-shelf commercial pop playing?

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