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I think you suck Fck You Card

I think you suck Fck You Card

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I think you're shit

I think you suck, but your parties are awesome. All the best!

The card for all those celebrating an anniversary, which is as popular as a lack of toilet paper after chili con carne, but unfortunately throws the best parties in the city. So what do we do? We wrap an old scented candle in wrapping paper, add this card and say in a friendly, tight-lipped tone: “All the best Bernd….äääh Björn!”

Do you know where the word quality comes from? Let us tell you: Quality comes from quality. That's what it takes to make these cards a top product for you. Although our graphic designer and our printing company hate us now, we are extremely proud to be able to supply you with extremely high-quality cards in a thick and extra-large format: 17.5 cm wide and 12 cm high. Of course, the insults should also be read clearly and clearly.

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