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GINNY Vegan Altercore

GINNY Vegan Altercore

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GINNY Vegan Altercore

General information about GINNY Vegan Altercore

  • GINNY Vegan Altercore
  • Brand: Altercore
  • Color: Black
  • Upper material and inner material: synthetic leather
  • Insulation: none
  • Closure: lacing
  • Heel Type: Platform
  • Sole height: 3 - 5 cm (front - back)
  • Manufactured in Poland!

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General information about Altercore

The Altercore brand has existed since 2014, but its guiding principle dates back to the 90s, when the founder started producing combat boots in Poland. The company he ran at the time, Heavy Duty, pioneered the production of shoes for young and independent people.

Altercore represents true values ​​demonstrated through unique style and above-average quality. Altercore is a special vegan brand line that does not use any animal materials in its production. Thanks to modern technologies, it has become possible to replace animal skin with a high-quality ecological plastic with better properties than animal skin.

They are permeable to air and also water-repellent. The material from which the shoes are made is very durable. You can clean and polish them with conventional shoe care products. It can also be cleaned with water. Vegan shoes from ALTERCORE are comfortable and practical in everyday life.

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