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Eulenspiegel Hydro-Mastix Skin Adhesive

Eulenspiegel Hydro-Mastix Skin Adhesive

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Mastix skin glue from Eulenspiegel.

Content: 7 ml

  • Water-soluble, particularly skin-friendly quality - can be removed with water.Hydro-Mastix ("water-soluble mastic") is used to stick on "light or small" effect material, e.g. feathers, rhinestones, children's beards, etc.Eulenspiegel Hydro-Mastix is ​​also suitable for protecting brushes during storage and for bringing "out of shape" brushes back into their original shape: Dry the brush well and roll it into shape on soft paper; then dip the brush in Eulenspiegel Hydro-Mastix and store the brush like this until it is used again. To apply make-up, simply dip the brush in water and you're ready to go.Note: Hydro-Mastix is ​​not suitable for sticking on latex parts; use professional stage mastic for this.
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