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Disgusting Dream Couple Fck You Card

Disgusting Dream Couple Fck You Card

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Disgusting Dream Couple Fck You Card

General information about Disgusting Dream Couple Fck You Card

FCK YOU CARDS for your wedding? Oh yes, we definitely can't be missing on the day of great love:

We all know it: There are couples with whom you don't want to switch places and you really wonder what they like in each other. People like to be and stay single. But then there are also those disgustingly perfect dream couples who look perfect, perfect and even more perfect in every picture and love each other oh so much. We can only hope that at least the children become ugly. With that in mind, we proudly present you our envious and funny wedding card:


Our funny wedding cards are in folding card format and you always get a matching envelope included. They are perfect as a fun gift for a wedding anniversary or in preparation, for example for a bachelor party.

General information about FCK YOU CARDS

When an idea for a business model arises from a social deficit, over a glass or two of schnapps. The founders would say. But not that seriously. As best friends, you can boldly and humorously confess your affection to each other on your birthday, wedding or just because. Typically Hamburger. Just don't mince words, be dry and honestly loving. This is the founders' philosophy of life.

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