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Baby grasping toy St. Pauli logo

Baby grasping toy St. Pauli logo

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Baby grasping toy St. Pauli logo

Grasping toy for babies from St. Pauli

General information about baby grasping toy St. Pauli Logo

Material: walnut, beech

Motif: print

Color: brown - white

Additional information from the manufacturer:

With HEIMESS baby toys, customers purchase quality products that continue to be manufactured entirely in Germany in line with a long tradition.

No HEIMESS product comes onto the market that has not been extensively tested by us in our own laboratory to determine whether it is safe for babies. Every HEIMESS toy complies with the strict European toy safety regulations, EN71. In many cases the regulations are exceeded. The mechanical tests are supplemented by repeated chemical tests in authorized institutes.

We use water-based paints for HEIMESS toys. When the water evaporates, the colors harden and are completely safe for children. The saliva and sweat fastness is checked and only after this test has been successfully completed is a product released for sale.

However, these colors can also be dissolved again by adding water. Violent salivation, the first teeth or food residue can cause color to come off, although this is completely harmless to health due to the general non-toxicity of the colors used. The term “fastness to saliva” in the European standards for toy safety does not mean that no color comes off can and may, but states that coatings on toys must not release any harmful heavy metals when they come into contact with saliva or sweat.

The wooden parts are sanded wet, after drying a primer and the desired color are gradually applied in a long process. We use food-safe, absolutely non-toxic products. Another drying process is followed by the “finish”, a careful sealing and polishing of the surface. In contrast to painting processes using solvents, our process does not emit any potentially harmful fumes during processing or subsequent use. Alternatively, nitro varnishes could be used, which are not soluble but also not solvent-free.

You can be sure that at no time are any substances, materials and colors used in our production that could be safety-relevant. "

General information about St. Pauli

There are clubs that say we can do everything. But we are Sankt Pauli. And we do what we enjoy and want to offer you what defines us and the FC St. Pauli club. We are dark - we are skulls - we are fashion and last but not least: we are the street... and Hamburg is brown and white, we say and mean it. And so the special colors of a special club will always remain something special for us. We are St. Pauli. (Source: fcsp shop)

Interesting facts about Colors

Colors Hamburg has existed since 1995 and is known far beyond Hamburg's borders.

We had 4 branches in Hamburg and Lübeck and have now focused on one branch and the online shop.

A strong, friendly and crazy team of currently 6 people packs the ordered goods every day and is on site in the branch from Monday to Saturday for all subcultures such as Gothic, Punk, Metal, Rockabilly, Steampunk, Emo as well as for all Manga / Animexx fans.

Whether pierced, tattooed, colorful hair or from the LGBTQ scene, everyone is welcome here.

Music connects us all and that's why our speakers run hot during opening hours and make working and shopping much more fun for you and us.

NO.. we don't have any radio or off-the-shelf commercial pop playing?

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