Collection: Scleras


Scleras, also known as “sclera contacts” or “whole body contact lenses,” are special contact lenses that cover the entire visible surface of the eye. Unlike traditional contact lenses, which only cover the pupil and part of the iris, scleras extend over the entire white part of the eye, called the sclera. These spectacular contact lenses are often used in the entertainment industry, especially in films, television shows and cosplay events. They are known for creating unforgettable and eye-catching moments and making characters or costumes appear even more realistic or imaginative. Scleras are available in a variety of designs, from natural colors to extreme and fantastic patterns that can dramatically change the appearance of the eyes.

What is to be considered?

It is important to note that their purchase and use should be done carefully as they are medical devices that directly affect the eye. They should always be fitted by a professional such as an optician or ophthalmologist to ensure they fit properly and do not cause damage. It is extremely important to carefully follow scleral care and cleaning instructions to avoid infection or injury. It is also important to remember that wearing scleras can affect vision. Because they cover the entire scleral area, this can affect vision and perception of objects. For this reason, scleras should only be worn for short periods of time and should always be used under supervision, especially if they severely impair vision. Despite the precautions involved, scleras are an exciting way to create an extraordinary look and attract attention. They offer the opportunity to bring characters to life, depict fictional creatures, or simply show off a unique and captivating style.