About Us

About us Colors Shop Hamburg

The cult shop of subcultures!

Discover your black side, reinvent yourself, expand your horizons, live your favorite anime and find the merch of your favorite band.

Be different, be free and outside the norm!

Our large range

Of fetish, brocat, punk , plateau, boots , Merch to piercings , hair colors , accessories , Halloween , LGBTQ, Gothic, emo , Steampunk and other statements.

No matter what you live, no matter what look, no matter your origin or skin color, Colors has been the store that unites black souls and subcultures since 1995.

Our regular customers

Our regular customers include bands and musicians, magicians and emos, punks and the cosplay community, hair color enthusiasts who enjoy the large selection of our hair colors,

Bikers and rockers who decorate their robes with our patches, punks who dye their hair brightly with our hair dyes and of course Grufftis who fill their closets with our black robes.

From black to colorful, always one step ahead!

Colors Shop Hamburg, you're welcome.

Schlosstrasse 52 – Hamburg Wandsbek

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